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Residents from all over our district support Martha Marx for State Senate!

“Martha Marx is experienced, energetic and well-prepared to serve the 20th Senatorial District at the State Capitol.

Her background as a nurse assures us that she will legislate with compassion and reason. If you have not yet met Martha, take time to reach out and get to know her!”
- Bonnie Reemsnyder, First Selectman of Old Lyme


“I'm voting for Martha because she knows firsthand what it's like to understand people’s struggles.

I admire the work she does as a nurse. She's a woman of power. Go Martha!”
- Leo Navarro, New London resident, Spanish teacher at New London High School


"I'm voting for Martha because she is a smart, strong, courageous, and compassionate leader. In her work as a medical professional, she sees our friends and neighbors when they are at their worst, often when they are in crisis. In situations where many others might turn away, Martha does what must be done with skill, care, and diligence.

Her devotion to the people of our state is truly remarkable and it is my great honor to support her in her bid for state senate.

She will never stop fighting for the people she represents and the people who need her.”
- Jason Deeble, East Lyme resident; artist, teacher, author


“I'm supporting Martha Marx for State Senate because she and I are both very passionate about quality affordable health care for everyone. She's a leader and she understands how government works.

There are many people in Hartford that don't understand the importance of supporting the funding of municipalities in the state budget. Martha understands that from having served on New London City Council.”

- Ocean Pellett, Waterford resident, Retired Biologist


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Martha in her many capacities - nurse for my mother, advocate for health care, Union President and as a New London City Council Member. I also know Martha as a person.

She has the heart to work with all the residents of the 20th District. Martha is the change we want to see in our little corner of the world."

- Jean Jordan, New London resident, Retired Teacher (on left)

“Martha is inspiring and enthusiastic about bringing change that will revitalize our towns and cities.

That's why I like being an active member of her campaign.”
- Ramon Morales, New London resident, New London N.A.A.C.P. Youth Council President (second from right)


"When you first meet Martha Marx, you realize within a few seconds why she is running for the 20th District State Senate seat.

With unbridled enthusiasm and intelligence, she is ready to work hard for many of the issues that are important for Connecticut.

She is an advocate for workers, equal pay, and quality, affordable health care. She is in the trenches daily, as a nurse for over 30 years, and has seen the problems with our healthcare system firsthand. Martha knows where, how and what to fix in our healthcare system. Please join me in standing with a great leader, Martha Marx: vote for a candidate that will work hard for all of us, not for special interests groups. VOTE for Martha Marx for State Senate.”

- Timothy May, PE, Montville resident, Principal/Owner, May Engineering, LLC
Montville Democratic Town Committee Chair



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Former President Barack Obama endorses our campaign!


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Lawn signs are in!

Lawn signs are in and they are flying off the shelves!

If you would like to have one delivered directly to your yard, you can sign up using this form.

Or pick one up at our New London, Waterford or East Lyme Democratic Headquarters!

New London HQ is at 38 Green Street in New London. Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 3-8 pm; Saturdays and Sundays 12-7 pm

Waterford HQ is at 316 Boston Post Rd. in Waterford. Connect with Waterford Dems through their Facebook page.

East Lyme HQ is at Midway Plaza in Niantic. Open Mondays 11 am - 1 pm; Thursdays from 4-7 pm. Open Monday Sept 31 4-8:30 pm.  Connect with East Lyme Dems through their Facebook page.

Planned Parenthood, Firefighters Union, and NARAL-CT endorse Martha Marx for State Senate!


I am grateful to Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut for endorsing my candidacy for 20th District State Senate.

From their endorsement letter:
"We are proud that Connecticut has maintained its strong historic record of support for reproductive health and rights. Thanks in large part to the Connecticut General Assembly, we have fended off the dangerously restrictive laws enacted in many states that are increasing rather than minimizing health risks, particularly for women seeking abortion services.

In the 2018 legislative session, we worked with legislators to pass four pro-active policies to secure access to coverage for the ten essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act; to protect the health and dignity of people accessing health care, including those who are incarcerated; to allow pregnant women to both enroll in insurance and to exercise a living will. We are grateful that you have indicated that as a legislator you are willing to stand up for our existing state policies and to advocate for improving access to reproductive and sexual health and rights.

But there is also much room for improvement to access to reproductive health and rights especially in consideration of the current threats from the Federal government and the upcoming appointment of the next justice to the Supreme Court of the United States. As we fight for a more equitable and just society, we will continue to keep advocating for the issues that impact our patients and communities, and work with coalition partners promoting racial justice, voting rights, economic equality, LGBTQ+ rights and immigrant rights.

Once you are elected we look forward to working with you to protect and improve access to reproductive health care for all people in Connecticut."

Thank you Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut for your endorsement of my candidacy for 20th District State Senate!

I am so proud to be endorsed by the men and women who work hard every day fighting fires, saving lives, and protecting our community.

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Working Families Party CT Endorses Martha Marx!

Thank you CT Working Families Party for your endorsement of my candidacy for state senate! 

I am thrilled that constituents will be able to vote for me on either the Democratic or Working Families Party line on November's ballot.

Connecticut Working Families Party is an independent political organization that stands up for hard working families across Connecticut. WFP strives to create an economy that works for everyone, advocating for issues like raising the minimum wage, creating family friendly workplace policies like earned paid sick days, tackling the student debt crisis, ensuring every worker can retire with dignity, holding corporations accountable, and much more. These are many of the same issues that I fight for every day and will champion as your state senator. I am proud to stand with the Working Families Party as we pursue a brighter future for families across Connecticut.

80 Days till the most important election of our lifetimes!

It's go time!

Sign up as a volunteer at!  There are many ways to help - put a sign in your yard, phone bank or canvass to get out the vote, host a meet and greet, and more. Here are a few of the upcoming events you can join:

Phone calls for Martha!

Talk to your neighbors about how Martha will be the advocate that working families of the 20th district need! 

Every Wednesday in New London

4-8 pm, 38 Green Street, New London

and Thursday in East Lyme

4-8:00 pm, 170 Flanders Rd., Niantic, Hosted by East Lyme Democrats

Join our weekly phone bank for Martha Marx! Join us every Wednesday at NL Democratic Headquarters and Thursday in East Lyme to call our neighbors across the 20th district. No experience or equipment necessary. Training will be provided on the spot. Come grab a pair of pink headphones and get to work making the blue wave a reality! More info and sign up at the Facebook event page.


Join us on any upcoming Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday to phonebank or canvass!

Meet up at our New London Democratic Headquarters (38 Green St.).  Join us for one hour or four - whatever you can do! More information and continual updates at our Facebook event page.


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How has being a nurse prepared me to be a Senator?

I have known since high school that I wanted to be a nurse. With 5 kids in our house, I was the one that liked to do the hands on care of my siblings.

After I graduated from University of Connecticut’s nursing school, I worked in a pediatric hospital unit, taking care of children with traumatic brain injuries, and then a pediatric oncology unit. Working with these kids forever changed who I am and how I look at the world. The bravery of these children in the face of their illnesses greatly affected me. The emotional, monetary, and spiritual impact on their families brought my values and priorities into sharp focus.

I’ve dedicated my life as a nurse to taking care of people in the 20th District. I’ll show that same compassion and effectiveness as our State Senator in Hartford.

*Photo Credit: Maria French

We are qualified!

Martha Marx has Qualified for CT's Campaign Finance Grant!


Martha Marx has qualified for a grant from Connecticut's Citizens' Election Program (CEP) for her 20th District State Senate candidacy. CEP provides public financing to candidates who demonstrate support from residents in their local district. The 20th District includes Waterford, New London, East Lyme, Montville, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, Salem, and Bozrah.

“We are excited to announce that our campaign has qualified for public financing through the Citizens Election program!” Nancy Dolan, campaign Deputy Treasurer said. “It has been an inspiration to see such enthusiasm from so many people who have joined Team Martha!”

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